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Zero Delay Consultancy

Get advice from the best consultants in the field

A must-have in every turnaround

Our zero delay consultants know what is needed to make every turnaround project a succes. With years of experience and intensive training, you can expect the best counseling to ensure zero delay in your turnaround project. 


We find it important to understand the context of your organization. Based on in-depth interviews with the asset owner, we draw up a no-nonsense step-by-step plan to optimize your planning & scheduling. 

Our consultants help you map out the risk factors that cause your turnaround to experience delays. Once the plan is set, you know how to anticipate on them by using the right tools to improve your management and monitor progress efficiently. Inevitably, you will save on time and costs. Not only now, but also in the future.

Call in our zero delay consultants to:



Map out all risks in time. 


Optimise your planning & scheduling. 


Control all facets of your next turnaround.

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