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Advando Project Control, established in 2011, is a dynamic company which entirely focusses itself on the way upon, and the way in which you are and can stay 'In Control'  in your daily maintenance, projects, and Turnarounds. We, like no other, understand the importance of being 'In Control,'  in such a way that you are capable of acting pro-active to realize your project objectives. Our specialties lie in the factors Time and Money (Planning, Scheduling, and Cost Control).

Our mission:

Realisation of your Project objective by optimization of your Turnaround - / Project Management processes, through the implementation of Best Practices in the field of DSM (Dynamic Scheduling Method) techniques, by supporting you with expert advice and providing you with the needed assistance with the mastering and controlling of your daily maintenance and your projects and Turnarounds.

Recent werk

Advando Project Control kan bogen op zo’n 20 jaar ervaring in Project- en TurnAround Management

bij een groot aantal gerenommeerde opdrachtgevers binnen Europa, zoals o.a.:

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