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zero delay in turnarounds

The road to zero delay.

80% of all turnaround events are not finished on target. While this can simply be prevented.
Advando shows you the way to zero delay in your turnaround. 

About Advando

Continuous Improvement

Turnarounds are complex. We as experts in Project Controls help Asset Owners to create and keep an overview. This way you achieve fast results with your team and perform even better next time.


Structurally improve your turnaround management with advice from our top consultants. 

Set the right objectives, plan efficiently and save time and money.

We help you reach your targets.



Always have insight into the status of your turnaround and never miss any step.

Sounds impossible? Not with our TACS software.

The best digital tools to achieve zero delay in your turnarounds.


A succesful turnaround can only be reached when you have the right expertise within your team. 

Advando provides the best professionals with the required hard and soft skills.

Always be in control with TACS 2.0 

Stay connected with your team and improve communication.  Never worry about missing a step. With TACS you’re always up-to-date and in control.

Developed by and for practitioners. 

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