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Project: AkzoNobel

Planning & Scheduling for successful turnarounds 

AkzoNobel Industrial Chemicals in Rotterdam is a major producer of chlorine, caustic soda, bleach lye and hydrogen and has a production capacity of over 600,000 tonnes of chlorine per year. 

In 2014 AkzoNobel engaged us to advise and support them. The goal was to improve their existing Planning & Scheduling processes for turnarounds. For this purpose, we analysed, optimised and made measurable the planning process, among other things. 

In addition, we introduced the so-called DSM scheduling method within AkzoNobel. The first test case was the 2015 turnaround at the Membrane Electrolysis Plant (MEB).  

After successfully completing this turnaround, a thorough evaluation and further optimisation of the processes mentioned above followed. Subsequently, we also fulfilled an advisory and supporting role in the turnaround of 2017.