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TACS - update! 
TACS goes abroad..

"TACS helps all stakeholders realising Zero Delay in a turnaround! "

Edwin van Doeselaar, Chief Technology Officer

Advando's TACS, TurnAround Control System, is already for more than 2 years a reliable solution and partner in achieving Zero Delay for turnarounds within some global asset owners in the Netherlands and Belgium. It is now expanding its territory to Germany as well!

Digitalization of turnarounds

For one of our respected clients in the Netherlands, world's leading fertilizer company and provider of environmental solutions, located in more than 60 countries, we were approached supporting them with digitalization of their turnarounds for their production location in the north of Germany. We supported (and are still supporting) them on the Dutch production site as well with the digitalization of their turnarounds. 

A couple of months ago we organized a so called on site 'needs assessment' with the client, in order to define the exact needs and scope for the TACS configuration.

In the meantime, our TACS solution has been made fit for purpose, according to client's needs and in a tight collaboration with the client's stakeholders. In order to manage and monitor the upcoming turnaround, that is about to start at the end of August. As we speak, the final functionality tests take place and after that, we are ready for take off! 

TACS will help all stakeholders, from both clients side as the involved contractors to manage and monitor the execution of the turnaround and go for Zero Delay!