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                  Turnaround Expert

                        32-40 uur

                        As a turnaround expert you have the unique opportunity to share your knowledge and experience in an advisory role within the process of a turnaround process project within the Petrochemical -, Energy – or Food Industry. With your experience in several Turnaround management roles, you will recognize the bottlenecks in the process and assist where needed. The job offers you freedom and stability while you contribute to the industry.

                        You recognize yourself in this:
                        • Years of turnaround management experience in a leading role
                        • You speak and write fluent English
                        • You speak and write fluent Dutch
                        • Dynamic work environment
                        • You are willing to learn and to immerse yourself in something new
                        • you are not afraid to give your opinion and to think along with processes
                        • You like to share and educate your knowledge

                        This is what you are looking for in a job:
                        • Stability in income with the benefits of independence
                        • A dynamic company where there are plenty of opportunities to learn, develop yourself and where your opinion and contribution really matter
                        • Intensive coaching and support
                        • Opportunity to work internationally

                        Is this job written all over you?  Then you are ready for the next step: apply!